2 COURSES £16.99

3 COURSES £21.99


To Begin


                  Loaded Potato Skins               

Deep fried until golden brown and filled with our

 beef chilli and topped with cheese, served with sour cream


                   Nachos Grande              

Warm corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, jalapenos

and refried beans with a salsa, sour cream and guacamole garnish

 Chipotle Chicken, Picadillo, 3 Bean



Large green jalapeno pepper stuffed with cheese and

covered in breadcrumbs, deep fried and served with sour cream


        Mozza Melts       

Beer battered mozzarella fingers with

homemade salsa and a salad garnish










A large flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of filling,

diced tomatoes refried beans, jalapenos, cheese and onions.

Oven baked and smothered in Ranchero sauce

Served with sour cream and tortilla chips.

 Chipotle Chicken  3 Bean



A large flour tortilla folded with your choice of filling, cheese, onions and

oven baked for a crisp finish. Served with sour cream, salsa roja and nachos.

 Chicken Chorizo  Cajun Prawn



Two soft flour tortillas rolled around your choice of filling, covered with your

selection of sauce topped with cheese and garnished

with sour cream, guacamole and tortilla chips.

 Fajita Chicken, 3 Bean



Served on a skillet with onions, red and green peppers, served with

warm tortillas, sour cream, lettuce, cheese and guacamole.

 Chicken,  Beef,  King Prawn, Vegetarian







Our homemade steak mince chilli,

served with tortilla chips, rice and sour cream


    Shrimp Veracruz    

Seasoned prawns sautéed in a tomatillo sauce

with jalapenos, onions and tomatoes.

Served with mini flour tortillas a

nd rice with a cooling sour cream.


       Michoacán Beef     

Strips of sirloin beef, pan fried in medium spices with tomatoes,

 garlic, onion, peppers and a tomatillo sauce.

Served with rice and mini flour tortillas.


        Margarita Chicken    

Strips of marinated chicken breast, pan fried with cumin,

 chillies, garlic, a splash of cream and a dash of Jose Cuervo Gold.

Served with rice, sour cream and flour tortillas.




The Best Bit

Vanilla Cheese Cake

Served with cream or vanilla ice cream with a

raspberry coulis garnish


Luxury Ice cream

Ask your server for today’s flavours.



Mexican style doughnut sticks served with a rich dipping sauce